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The Baltic Sea by bicycle

The Baltic Sea is not only suitable for a beach holiday. It lends itself to on for an extended bike tour. Whether it is for day trips or a whole vacation that is spent with the bike on the Baltic Sea, is, is irrelevant. It is important that you are actively moving on holiday and just for people who sit every day at the office, is exactly correct movement and a perfect break from everyday life. Many see the Baltic Sea on your own bike. But there are also many guided tours. Also complete offers like Solegro which include an overnight stay and then escort the tour as well as borrowing a bicycle. A tour by bicycle could cause long dike on the Baltic Sea. From there, you almost always in view and the Baltic Sea can be enjoyed on the 33-kilometer dike the views of the Baltic Sea. During the ride you will pass numerous villages where you can take a break and leaves the charm of small villages on you. On the route there is to see some sights such as the bird sanctuary Oehe-Schleimünde or fishing red herring. Stops may need to insert any where you like. The route is almost completely paved, so you can ride comfortably and not be angry with rough and bad roads. The wind at your back and the Baltic Sea before the nose ? so does a perfect holiday.

But other regions of the Baltic Sea are quite appealing. The Darßist made for exciting walking and cycling. Furthermore, a large farmer's market in Germany invites on Karl's Erlebnishof Rövershagen in a special shopping experience, and also an attraction for children or other has to offer. Many water parks also provide a good mood when it rains. In addition, the Ostrich farm promises Ostseeblick Hohenfelde an animal pleasure - in which families can preserve the large bouquet of the biggest and fastest bird in the world to experience first hand


Die Site des Lübzer Pils-Ostsee-Meeting 2011 04.08 – 07.08.2011
Bad Doberan · Heiligendamm Traditionsrennbahn
Viele Informationen Rund um das Lübzer Pils-Ostsee-Meeting 2011
auf der Traditionsrennbahn in Bad Doberan und über die Doberaner Renntage.
Programm, Kartenreservierung, Wetten, Hutwettbewerb, Anfahrt, Presse,
Impressionen vom Lübzer Pils-Ostsee-Meeting 2010, Event-Location uvm.

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Leuchtturm an der Ostsee

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