Javascript support

The website it is coded in XHTML 1,0 Transitional charset=iso-8859-1.

Different visual effects like a lighting up and a hiding of points in the navigation menu or a regarding of art galleries is only using Javascript possible, likewise need you a Flashplayer (e.g. of Adobe)

Please permit in your browser the use of Javascript.

Without Javascript all points of navigation are indicated. Also a view of art galleries is not possible.

Support Web browsers

The Scripte is nearly constantly compatible with the following browsersl:

Mozilla Firefox 3 and/or Netscape navigator, in addition, " Aussenseiter" like flock. (Property !!)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (Property !!), also the IE 8
Opera 9.6 (Property!!)
Apple Safari 4
Google Chrome (Property!!)

There are no differences with would drive out the Slideshows, except with the Diashow on the first side, in the IE 7 + 8 the pictures is gently faded in, in all other browsers only abruptly exchanged.

If you use however an older Browser version, you should consider an update. Already for safety reasons (Trojaner, viruses or hackers).


Art galleries

After clicking a on the left of a picture opens. The Slideshow starts automatically. They can leaf it naturally also through, in addition you click on " Break " - Button (exactly as on each DVD playerremote maintenance) and leaf then with before or backwards arrows. To click you close either on " X" or on the surface beside the Slideshow.

Admitted error

At present there are no errors.
With difficulties or with praise or criticism to our website send you to us, or our Web master mail.



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